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When I think of HOME, it reminds me of Family gatherings. Children doing their homework for school. Pets finding their cozy beds. Peeping into the kitchen, finding your “Grandmother” cooking her favorite recipes. Mom is “Always” trying to spice up the Home , Garden  with new Wall coverings and the Perfect Wildflower.

When opening your “Treasure” Chest, it is filled with Creativity, Inspiration that surrounds the whole neighborhood.

Your “TREASURE CHEST” will Always be filled with Inspirational Blogs…News and the latest Story found on every country road in “America”.

REMEMBER to look into your Treasure Chest every week to find what is hiding under every Rose Petal, every Leaf, and find the Hidden Treasure of the “World”.


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Hi, this is  Mary Jordan. I created Sharing Mary Jordan’s Thoughts to help you stay in touch with Breaking News in the United States of America and the World. Sharing stories that you can relate to. I may share my favorite recipe, where to go hiking or catching up in what’s happening in your neighborhood. Find your favorite quilt and a cup of coffee and “NOW” it’s time to relax. Let’s enjoy our time together……tomorrow too!


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